GDPR is a new EU regulation aimed at strengthening data protection for EU citizens within the EU and the wider world. Therefore, your website needs to be compliant with the requirements of GDPR due to come in effect in May 2018.

Failure to comply could cost you up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover.

We collaborate with a GDPR lawyer and help you with the GDPR regulation by offering the best technical solutions.

What does GDPR cover?

  • Protecting and securing of personal data
  • Processing of personal data
  • Storage of personal data
  • Explicit consent requirement for every collection and use of personal data for all the website visitors. Also, explicit right to require the removal of the personal data.
  • Information over the storage duration of the personal data
  • Information over the way the personal data are being used
  • Informing if the personal data were compromised
  • Presenting real cases and examples
  • We evaluate the level of company`s compliance with the GDPR regulation.